Dr. Mohammad Khaled

Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Expert, UAE

Dr. Mohammad Khaled is the Futurist, Digital Transformation, Information/Cyber Security Experts, and Corporate Excellence with responsibility for Digital Transformation, Information Security, Excellency and innovation. He worked in IT and services transformations along with the Information Security at several mega government organizations, including Regulation & Supervision Bureau, ALROWAD IT Solutions, Subsidiary of the Privatizations Group of Ministry of Interior), Department of Finance and Abu Dhabi Police. Notable is his 19+ years as transformations for previous company & description. He received PhD first of its domain and aligned with, special training, study abroad in discipline or field from British University in Dubai. Dr. Mohammad Khaled professional interests focus on Artificial Intelligent, Block chain, Smart Safe City, Cyber Security and Resilience, Future Accelerations, Future foresight and Innovation, and he handled recognized projects and publications on IT and business field.



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