Laila Hareb Almheiri

Former Executive Director - Strategies and International Affairs, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA); Founder and President, Alive Group, UAE

Marked as one of 70 women in the world who inspire generations in aviation from the inception of aviation by United Nations' ICAO and IAWA. Part of the top 50 Influential Women in the Arab World by Forbes, Winner of the World Women Leadership Awards (2015), Winner of the Stevie Award US (2014), and winner of the UAE Aviation Personality of the Year for two consecutive years.

Ms. Laila Ali Hareb Al-Muhairi contributed to the development of the UAE throughout her 27 years of experience in leadership, organizational transformation, and digital innovation towards achieving the UAE's vision. In addition, years were spent in efficient financial management, decision making, governance, building, professional work cultures, and policymaking in the Medical and Transportation fields.

Ms. Hareb is on a mission to bring modern innovation to the medical field by reducing the cost of medical services and enhancing public health. She has set up a group of companies that provide innovative diagnostics (Alive Medical), treatments (Alive Concepts Laboratories), and education (Alive Education and Events).



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