Lt. Col. Dr. Hamad Khalifa Al Nueimi

Head of Telecommunications Section Information Technology Center, Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarter, UAE

In 2002 I Joined AD Police and started working as Network technician, at the same time, my passion for educational qualifications was under my target. Thus, I worked hard in parallel and earned my HD (Higher Diploma) degree at CNET from the HCT AlAin, as well as my Bachelor degree in computer Networking.  In 2009, I moved to New York and applied for SU (Syracuse University) where I completed my Master Degree in Telecommunication Network Management. In 2018 I earned my higher degree in PHD Project Management from the British University in Dubai.

I attended more than 100+ events, workshops and conferences internally and externally and most of them were about Network Security and telecommunication as well as cyber security. However, my responsibility at AD police GHQ  as telecom section manager make me always busy, I do have other role as a telecom committee manager for most of the events around AD city such as , Grand Prix Formula One event. 

Founder of “Digital Barza“ which has more than 100+ members to accelerate the process of sharing and exchanging the knowledge.

"The train doesn't stop at one station; it keeps on going, so work hard to achieve your targets one after another"




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