Dr. Nirit Ofir

CEO, Chamber of Commerce Israel-GCC, Israel

Work Experience: Director General, Chamber of Commerce & Industry Israel-GCC CEO and owner - ONational – various projects & investments in the Gulf Arab region. 2018- Present - Professional accompaniment & coach for businessmen, as well as motor sports teams for competitions in countries where Israel has no diplomatic relations. 2018 - Present- Research fellow, Haifa University: The Ezri Center for Gulf Studies. 2017 - Present – Interpreter on Gulf Arab affairs and conflicts on i24 TV Arabic and English. 2019 - 2020- Lecturer for “The Modern Geo-Political Conflicts in the Middle East”, BIU (Bar Ilan University). 2014-2015- Substitute Lecturer at Bar Ilan University, the Middle East department, for courses: "Time and Ritual in Islamic Law" and "Conflicts and Issues in Modern Islam". 2011-2012- Research Assistant to Dr. David Koren for the topics: The relationship between Sunna and Shia Islam, Hamas and Terror Organizations. 2010- 2011- Research Assistant to head of the Department of "Israel in the Middle East”– Dr. Etta Bick at Ariel University. 2009-2010- Research Assistant to Dr. Ronen A. Cohen: writing texts for “Learning the Persian Language”. 2007-2009- Head of E-Learning department at “Ariel University”. 2006-2007- Lecturer at “Nassi Technologies,” college for webmasters, computer programs and private projects. 1994- 1996, 2001 – Military service in unique project for IAF (The Israeli Air Force), taking part in establishing a new Apache squadron and engaged in computer programming. Education: 2017- The workshop “Hidavruot,” a program of dialogue between religions and sectors at Bar-llan University. 2016- The prestigious workshop “Fundamentals in Public Diplomacy” for elite students, in The Center for International Communication at Bar-llan University. 2013-2017 – Ph.D. The Middle East department at Bar-Ilan University. Subject of Dissertation: “Processes of Liberalization and Democratization from a Comparative Perspective in the Arab-Muslim world, the Years: 1999 – 2016”. 2011-2012- M.A. degree in Arabic and Middle East Affairs, the Middle East department, Bar-Ilan University, Magna Cum Laude. 2007-2010- B.A. Arabic and Middle East Affairs-” Israel in the Middle East” with a Presidential Award for Excellence at Ariel University. 2000- Computers and programs- Webmaster studies at “Hacker Software" school, graduating with an Excellence Diploma. Projects: Academic Assistant for the books: 1. "Sefer limood Parsit" (for Persian teaching) by Dr. Ronen A Cohen (Tel Aviv, 2009) 2. "Bint Jbeil – Yoman Eruim" (Bint Jbeil – A War Diary) by Dr. Ronen A Cohen, (Jerusalem, 2010) Philanthropy & Humanitarian Aid: 2018- Present- Establishing of an educational school in a war-stricken area: preparation of a suitable structure, absorption of children who are in post-trauma and severe physical injuries, training of teaching staff in the local language as well as in English, preparation of syllabus systems for teachers, curriculum, ongoing activities, the introduction of an electricity network, after about a year connecting Internet network, an implementation of computerized technological lesson plans. 2017- Present- CEO, FUNDER - "Shams-Shemesh" project: creating two-semesters educational e-learning classes, between students from Israel - and students from countries where Israel doesn't have diplomatic relations. 2015- Present- Extensive humanitarian aid in disaster-stricken areas: finding asylums for people who are under critical lives danger, financing and establishing logistic systems, transferring equipment, food, establishing education systems and schools instead collapsed locals. May 2021- Establishing an emergency room operation for immediate treatment of rocket victims: volunteers team who helped with: alternative homes, finding full home equipment including furniture, appliances, clothing, a national transportation system for home equipment, special system for disabled. May-September 2021- Establishing an emergency operation to fight Covid-19 in Nepal and Myanmar: organizing donations for protective clothing, respirators, masks, gloves and more; Establishment of corona testing lab in Kathmandu - for performing between 3000-6000 tests per day. February-April 2020- Establishing an emergency room for rescuing Israelis stuck abroad - Conducting an international operation to help Israeli citizens return safely back to Israel – when airports were closed to incoming flights during the pandemic. Establishment of volunteer teams operating in 15 different countries, transit permits within closed cities, rescue operations, food transfer assistance, flight issuance, landing permits under emergency orders, and organizing flights. Academic articles: “The Revolution of the Masses: The Model of the Truncated Pyramid” “Israel, the Warfare Against Poaching in Africa and Terror in the Middle East” Scholarships and academic prizes: 2010- B.A - The Presidential Prize for Excellence 2011- B.A –Posen Foundation Scholarship (Germany), for Excellence 2012 -M.A- Bar-Ilan University’s "Adoption" Scholarship for High Achievements 2012 - Bar-Ilan University, the President’s Doctoral Scholarship 2013- Council for Higher Education in Israel, Rothenstreich Scholarship for Excellence in Research- for Ph.D. candidates 2013- Bar-Ilan University, Rector Prize for highest scores in the faculty of Social Sciences Academic Conferences, Speaker: 1. 18/5/2022- Middle East Rail and Smart Mobility 2022, Abu Dhabi: “Cyber Attacks Challenges Global Risks in a Changing Region”. (Panel) 2. 12/10/2021- Middle East Rail and Smart Mobility 2021, Dubai: “Functioning Competitively Through New Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions”. (Keynote) 3. 26/2/2020- Middle East Rail and Smart Mobility 2020, Dubai: “Smart Modernization processes and educational challenges”. 4. 1/4/2019- The 11th Annual Persian Gulf Studies Conference in Israel, The Ezri Center for Iran and the Gulf Studies Haifa University: “Green falcons in the Gulf’s skies”. 4. 3/11/2018- UCLA CMED 13th Annual Enriching the Middle East's Economic Future, Doha- Qatar: “Between the papers: Modernization processes in education, budgets and challenges”. (Keynote) 5. 16/4/2018- The 10th Annual Persian Gulf Studies Conference in Israel, The Ezri Center for Iran and the Gulf Studies Haifa University: “The Sudanese Community in the Gulf and Its' Links to the Illegal Hunting Industry”. 6. 20/10/2014-The Middle East Centre at St. Antony's College Oxford, Oxford: "Policy and Strategy of Israel and Jordan Against ISIS”.(keynote) 7. 21/8/2013 Conference MJC, Sarajevo: “Pilgrimage within Judaism, Christianity and Islam-Water as a Common Symbol”. 8. 07/14/2013 – IDF Brigade Commanders Conference, Ein-Yahav: "Political-diplomatic Jordan, the dealing with the crisis of the Arab Spring". 9. 06/07/2012 - The 36th MEISAI Conference, Bar-Ilan University: "The Tudeh’s Revolution - Truncated Pyramid to Anyone". Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, English, Spanish. My research includes special activities within emerging Middle East & Gulf region countries & Africa



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